Family Law Facilitator

The Facilitator is a lawyer who works for the Trinity County Superior Court. The Facilitator helps people who don’t have attorneys to represent themselves in family law or parentage cases involving child support.

The Facilitator cannot represent you, give you legal advice, or go with you to court, but can give you information to help you represent yourself, by explaining court procedures, including how to file court papers and serve them on the other side, filling out the court forms to be filed in your case, helping you prepare the orders and judgments made by the court, and providing information on general principles of family law.

The Facilitator may also mediate financial disputes between you and the other party concerning child support, spousal support and health insurance, and prepare support schedules based upon statutory guidelines.

These services are FREE to everyone who doesn’t have a lawyer, without any showing of financial need.

You will find the Access to Justice Center on the main floor of the courthouse in room #108. The courthouse is located at 11 Court Street, Weaverville, California.